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Before changing your password, please read and accept the following terms of use.

Terms of Use for the Computer Center
at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

The Academic Senate of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) agreed to the following Terms of Use on 07/26/2017:

1 Scope

These Terms of Use apply to the use of the IT services, systems and rooms of the Computer Center at the TUHH.

2 Roles of the Computer Center

As a central facility of the TUHH, The Computer Center of the TUHH provides IT infrastructure and the required IT services for research, teaching, studying and continuing education, as well as for the TUHH's central services.

3 Authorized Users and Use Authorization

(1) The following individuals may be permitted to use the Computer Center's facilities:
  1. Members and affiliates as per the current valid version of the Charter of the TUHH (Grundordnung der TUHH);
  2. University employees in order to complete their work;
  3. Members and affiliates of other universities of the City of Hamburg or state universities outside of Hamburg on the basis of special agreements;
  4. Members of other research and educational institutions on the basis of special agreements.

The university reserves the right to restrict the number of users.

(2) Authorization shall only be given for research, teaching and study purposes, for the purposes of using the library and completing university administration procedures, for training and continuing education and for completing other tasks for the TUHH. Computer center use deviating from this can be permitted if it is minor and does not infringe on the purpose of the Computer Center and the needs of other users.
(3) Approval for use is restricted to the relevant project and its duration can be limited.
(4) In order to ensure proper and trouble-free operation, the approval for use can moreover be linked with a restriction of usage times, as well as other use-specific terms and conditions.

4 Rights and Obligations for Users

(1) The provisions of these regulations, particularly those in paragraph 2, as well as any fee regulations, shall become valid with the application for authorization. Use deviating from this requires separate authorization.
(2) Users are obligated

(General obligations)

  1. to adhere to the restrictions of the approval for use;
  2. to refrain any activities that may impair the proper function of the Computer Center's IT services;

(Handling personal identifiers)

  1. to follow rules and guidelines at the TUHH in the current valid version;
  2. not to access other users' information without permission, or pass on, use or change other users' information, which has become known to them;
  3. not to impersonate other people or otherwise misrepresent their identity;

(Use of software, copyright)

  1. to follow the legal requirements - especially copyright laws - and the terms of any licenses when using software, documents or data provided by the Computer Center;

(Use of the IT facilities)

  1. to follow staff instructions while in the Computer Center;
  2. to refrain from correcting malfunctions, damage or errors on the Computer Center's IT services. The user muss inform IT-Staff immediately.

5 Exclusion from Use

The approval for use can be entirely or partially rejected, revoked or restricted later on, especially if

  1. a proper application is not submitted or information in the application is incorrect or no longer correct;
  2. prerequisites for proper use of the technical facilities are not or are no longer fulfilled;
  3. there are insufficient resources for the requested use;
  4. there are infringements against these Terms of Use.

In case of doubt, the decision of the Computer Center management is final.

6 Rights and Obligations of the Computer Center

(1) The Computer Center is entitled to document and evaluate access where this is necessary for the provision of services.
(2) The Computer Center is entitled to check passwords and user data, and take necessary protective measures.
(3) The Computer Center is entitled to view user files, while respecting data secrecy, if this is necessary in order to remedy recent faults or to detect and suppress misuse if there are indications of this.
(4) The Computer Center's management may forbid entrance or order someone to leave the buildings and rooms assigned for their services; the management my entrust third parties to do the same.

7 Liability of Users

Users are liable for all losses incurred by the TUHH arising from use of the IT services and systems, as well as the use authorization, unless the users are not responsible for the infringement.

8 Liability of the University

(1) The liability of the TUHH and its employees is limited to intent and gross negligence
(2) The TUHH is not liable for the loss of or damage to items brought into the rooms of the Computer Center.
(3) The TUHH is not liable for damages due to improper, incomplete, unavailable or delayed services. Liability owing to intent remains unaffected.
(4) The TUHH takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the programs, IT services and systems provided. The university is also not liable for the content to which it provides access. In particular, it is not liable for the accuracy or integrity of the information, or whether this information is up-to-date.
(5) The TUHH especially does not guarantee or assume liability for use being interruption-free at all times.

9 Data Protection

(1) The Computer Center collects, saves, uses and processes personal data to the extent that this is necessary for the legitimate performance of its duties. This can also occur via contracted data processing. The relevant data protection provisions are respected. Information about user data is only provided in exceptional cases as defined by law.
(2) In general, usage data is deleted one year after the end of the contractual relationship. For all other cases, the legal requirements on restricting, storing and deleting data shall apply.

10 Final Provisions and Entry into Force

These regulations come into effect on 08/01/2017. The regulations for the Computer Center at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) dated 02/28/1990 will also in this time cease to apply.


Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

I hereby confirm that I have taken note of the above terms of use and accept them. The terms of use apply in the respective valid version, which can be viewed at I accept that I am responsible for keeping myself up to date on the current status of the terms of use.

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