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With the TAN from step 1 (sent to you via SMS) you can now set the passwords of your service accounts.

1) Request TAN 2) Set password with TAN
(of the owner account)
Service accounts:
New password:
(random characters possible with *, see below)
New password again:
Create a new password.
Former passwords cannot be reused.
The new password must not contain your login nor parts of your name.
In case of fewer than 10 characters, a password will be extended to a length of 10 characters by random ones.
The password must be at most 20 characters long.
It must contain characters of at least 3 of the following classes:
  • upper case letters: A-Z
  • lower case letters: a-z
  • digits: 0-9
  • the following special characters: !()*+,-./:;<=>?[]{}
*-characters at the end of the password will be replaced by random characters.
You get the same password for all service accounts by entering at least 10 characters, without *-characters at the end, and individual passwords by entering less than 10 characters / multiple *-characters at the end.
The random characters will finally be displayed for each service account (please don't forget to note them).

Hints for courses

Use the same password for all service accounts only, if you want your attendees to change their passwords immediately.
It is a common practice, to print a mapping table of service accounts and individual passwords, cut it into strips and hand these out separately.